Sunday, July 29, 2012


Storerikvallen, in Norway near the Swedish border. A 21 km hike from Sylarna.


Storvålen is the starting point for the hikes in the Jämtland, in Sweden near the Norwegian border.

Oil lamp at the Blahammern Fjellstation.

Oil lamp at the Blahammern Fjallstation.
graphite on paper, 11"x14"

Sylarna 2


1700 m high mountain in the Sweden, 63 degrees north


Sylarna 11"x14", graphite on paper

Sylarna is in the middle of Sweden, which is 63 degrees north, only four degrees south of the arctic circle.

These were sketches done on rest days of a 90 km hike.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Botanical Garden in Lund

paining outdoors at Lund's botanical garden.

Pastel on paper, 22"x11"

Lund's Domkirkan

Domkiran, the cathedral in Lund.

Pastel on paper 20"x11"

Water lillies

Painting outdoors at the botanical garden.

Pastel on paper 20"x11"

Citadell Cafee

This is the cafe at the Citadell in Landskrona, on the west coast of Sweden.

Pastel on paper 20 x11