Tuesday, May 11, 2010

After George Bellows

This is the George Bellows painting I copied, to practice street sceenes. Too bad we don't have horses in the streets any more.

Chicago River

Last week we started Plaine Aire Sunday, and this Sunday we were in Lake Geneva. I attempted a street scene painting from Starbucks, but it just fell flat. The same day, I bought an excellent book on George Bellows and after copying one of his paintings, I did this from a photo of the Chicago river.George Bellows was not afraid of using black, and he has a point.

The Bean

Plain Aire season has started, and we have made a resolution to paint out every sunday morning. That makes us very much the Sunday Morning painters. We started by heading downtown Chicago, and painting the Bean. This is 8x10 Acryllic on board.