Sunday, February 28, 2016

Artist's Statement

I worked like a dog as an industry cog.
I wrote one thousand five hundred weekly reports,
none of them read by my cohorts.
I was a team player, never a nay sayer.
I had good bosses and bad,
so many meetings it is sad.
I shifted paradigm, and carried the party line.
I did lunches and brunches.
I thought ouside the box,
and did not cross the line.
I had 5-meeting-days,
and a 50-email-an-hour pace
well - all that stress pays.

And one day I stopped, the bubble had popped.
I jumped off the cliff of this financial bliss.

I started to paint and without restraint
I make a world of my own where beauty and compassion is shown.
Colors are bright,
interiors are drenched in sun light,
figures and gestures portraits and textures.

I paint because I have only ONE life,
and when you posess a painting of mine,
you too, have escaped the doldrums of nine to five.